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  Link-Broadband Optical light Source
  Link - O/E Convertor

Infinon Research LLC specializes in a broad range of high-end, cost-effective testing equipments and module/sub-systems in the optical industry for the research, development, and manufacturing needs. Our advanced, user-friendly products include:


Turn-key fiber optic broadband light sources and laser sources and modules

High-power single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic laser sources

Plug-and-play high speed fiber optic O/E converters (photodetector)

All fiber in-line depolarizer for Raman pump lasers

Customized laser controller integration

Technical consultation and prototyping of your products

Infinon Research LLC welcomes customers' application-specific requirements, and will configure our products to meet your needs. Please contact us whenever you have any special interest in 'Searching for the Future Light'.
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